Monday, August 11, 2008

My Sexy Nazeera Aunt

Dear all I am regular reader of mallu Sex  stories, and lots of stories I have seen which inspired me to write my life experience when I was working in cochin. I am JUN (not willing to disclose my name now). Average guy with 6 feet height with sporty look. I am here describing about a desperate wife Nazeera (not a real name) she is hot, very fair looking 26 years and 5 feet 2 inches height with good shaped boobs. And her buts are awesome in a good shape. A typical north Malabar homely lady One of my friend lets call him ‘ MASH” he is a dance teacher who take dance classed for all children and train students for major events. He got a place in the city which is rented from a big shot near their house. MASH gave me one landline number to call him as and when required. When I got an immediate requirement to call him I dialed the landline number. The other side one lady attended her name is Nazeera ( Not Real Name) . She attended the phone, I requested to call Mr. “MASH” she said to hold and she send some one to inform because the dance class happens in the near by building. Her voice was erotic. The same calls continued and one day I asked MASH, who is the lady attends the call regularly, he said she is the second daughter in law of the owner. On fine day morning I called and she attended the call, as usual she send some one to call “MASH”. Today she started asking about me “Ningal aara” (who are you) calling Mash Regularly. I said I am his best friend. Then my friend came and attended the call. The next day I made a call and she took the phone. She said today the dance academy is on leave so your friend is not there, I said ok thanks, then she said “ Ningal friendinode Mathrame Samsarikkoollo” ( you will talk to your friend only what ?) . I said no!, she said she was simply joking. They I said sorry madam I thought you people will be very reserved to talk to any other person. Nothing like that. Then our conversation continued for a long time. I felt she is coming closer to me with open talk, what are all happened near her house and her family. She took my mobile number and used to call me always. Because her Husband is working abroad and she got a small child of 2 years. Daily she will finish the house hold work and used to make call to my mobile. The talk will last for hours. One day we where in the discussion about her family member who got divorce recently. I asked what the problem was. She said the man was addicted to alcohol and failed in his family life. I asked what make him fail. She said “SEX”. I asked her how you know about it. She said her relative said about it. I thought this is the right time to start Non Veg. I asked are you satisfied in your sex life. She said in my early days I was, but now I am not, I asked why?. She said if you promise me that you will not discuss about this to any on then I will. I said “Promise” She said her husband had a good time in the time of her marriage and after one menthe he went abroad. After a long year he came and took her to UAE, he is a owner of a supermarket in UAE, every day he will come in the after noon between 1.00 PM and 4.00 Pm to have lunch, if he wish he will use her to get climax and he used to go on a sleep. Her husband used to return, at midnight and go for a sleep. She said these activities made me hesitant on sex and my sexual life is not that good. I said Don’t get emotional. Everything will be alright. She said what will get alright. Her husband sent her for her delivery to cochin back. After the delivery he came twice never had a word to take me to UAE, and he is shellfish to get his climax he is not at all thinking about me. I said if I say something don’t get angry, she asked what. I said why don’t you masturbate. She laughed and said that is only my relief. Suddenly I asked her “Can I help you to satisfy your needs”. She got stunned and there is no works from her side. She disconnected the phone. Next day she called and said what you said yesterday made me shock and I was thinking about you in the whole night. I asked what you feel. Leave that matter and we will talk some thing else, in all discussion I use to come to the same point on her desperation. Then we planned to meet. I said her to come to a Browsing Centre ( the centre is very good to have fun). She said no. In evening she called me from some other number and said she is there in her Mothers place came for a week’s time it is near to my room. When she said that I said now it is easy to come and meet you. She said no my father and mother are here. In the same day I was on a deep sleep I got a call at 11.00PM night. It was from the same number. She invited me to her house in desecrate, she said to come that moment itself. I asked will it become a problem. She said her father and mother are in the first floor and they slept tight. Went to her colony and found her house according to her guidance, she called me and she took the wire less phone to guide me to come inside her house, she made all arrangement to enter inside through kitchen. She came to the gate end took me to her Bed room, when we entered her room she said “shhhhh” my son is sleeping don’t make sounds. I said ok, till this time we never met together. I said I w\ant to see her in lights, she took me to the bath room and switched on the lights. I got surprised!!!!!!, my god what a nice women with 28’- 29-32 size she was about 5”2’ Height and looking fair and her main attraction was her boobs. I got stunned in the bathroom and she switched off the lights and came out. She took me to her bed and we where sitting closer. She said I called to see only ok, with a smile I said ok. I slowly moved my hands to her shoulders she said hmmmm. Then I said my dear why do we waste our time looking together can in touch your boobs. She said no. but I made pressure to reach my hands at her boobs. Awesome I was very fine and smooth from out side then I started kissing her cheeks, she got arose and she started kissing me also. Then I showily removed her top of chudi, visibility was poor in the \room still I can make out the shape of her boobs. I pressed her boobs. And unhooked her bra, It was wonderful ho see the boobs. She said to bite on her nipples I squeezed and made the nipples in my mouth. I was literally playing with her boobs, she loved that action also. I asked her to remove the pants she removed that, and then I tried to remove her panties. She refused to do so. I asked why? She said we will have fore play and finish; I got disappointed with this and continued my play with her boobs. I made my self free off my clothes except my trunks. We where on the bed hugging and biting her nipples. I took her hands and placed on my hard dick outside my panty. She got shocked and asked me, what a big dick you have. I smiled and continued with my play. She started creasing my dick and playing with her hands. She asked me how many lucky women had a chance to play with this dick I said, I have experience with one of my neighbor aunty, she is my guru( I will describe that story later). She asked did she make this big? I said ya!!!. How he helped to make your dick big. I said her favorite position was 69 and she was a good sucker. She love to have my cum in her mouth. Like that I used my dick from my teen age so it becomes so big. Suddenly she changed her position and she made me stand, I was surprised on her action she removed my panty and she started sucking my dick. I was flying in a heaven , I never said any thing. She started morning “hmmmmm” ahhhhhhh, shhhhhh. She was witting in her bed I was standing she took both my hands and made me to crease her boobs. Still she is busy on sucking my cock. Finally I feel like to come; I took my dick out of her mouth and said I feel like to come. She said not only your neighbor aunty like the cone in the mouth, I too like the same. Suddenly I filled mouth with my cum and she found satisfied Still she never allowed me to remove her panties. I said her to show me, she said if I show you will start some thing and I will loose my control. She said” this is not a safer periods to have sex, I am afraid of the pregnancy. Ok I will not fuck you, at least show your cunt, with hesitance she showed me her pussy. It was well cleaned and shaved. It I put my middle finger in to it and found so warm and lubricated. I asked see your pussy wants me to fuck it \. She said “hmmmm , kalla kutta, ninte Kali manassilirikkatte” she pushed me out and started to put her panties. I asked what is this dear you sucked my, why don’t I? With reluctance she said ok. Immediately I removed her panty and took her pussy in my mouth. Using my tongs I cleaned the outer fluid and it tasted nice. I played a lot with her clitoris. And her “meat spike” when I looked up. She was out of control and closed her eyes. I found he is enjoying it. I sucked her pussy in all possible position and I found she met her climax two times her pussy fountain started to flow in my mouth it made me active and did my maximum. Suddenly she stood up and changed her position now we where in 69. We enjoyed a lot sucking and liking together. After some time we had lots of climaxes together. When we were lying on the bed, she asked if I allow your dick inside, can you plan\y safe. I surprised and said ya? She reminded me to take out before I come. She lay on her position and I sat in between her legs to position my dicks. Slowly I rubbed my dick with her pussy she moaned hmmmmmm, haaaaaaa, eda enthina enne ingane kollathe kollunne” (why are you killing me like this) “akathekku Kayattu kutta”. I entered my dick in side it was so warm and tight. I slowly started jerking with my hip, I saw she is hugging me tight, slowly, slowly I started the speed and. Our play went a long time because. I hade 3 climaxes already. Her nails made some marks in my back. She got 2 climaxes at that moment. Suddenly I felt like coming and took it out. She asked is it coming, I said yes! Immediately she took my penis in her mouth and started sucking. Finally I filled all my cum in her mouth. After that activities we where laid on the bed hugging together for a long time. I said I have to go she said. Don’t go today you hide some where here in my room and will go tomorrow. I laughed and said we will have the same according to our convenience and time. After that she made the same arrangement for me to come out of the house. Still I continue the relationship. We met once in a week. 

She was my Sex Teacher

I had many sex encounters and I would like to relate something I actually had. My aunt (a widow) was very sexy and she was my sex teacher. Right from when I was achieving my puberty she used to arouse me. She used to put her hand in my shorts and tickle my dick. As I grew older she started talking to me about sex. I had a crush on her and when I was in college I was a fully grown up lad and decided to take her. So I decided to touch her but she was not comfortable with it and said that I should not go for that. One day we were just two in the house and she wanted to enjoy her self. So she told me to get drinks as she wanted to have drinks. I got whisky from the wine shop that night and we both had heavy drinks. As we were sleeping in the same room, we were watching television I had an ecstasy to do it as this was the only opportunity for me. Suddenly we decided to watch some BF and decided that we should sleep after 1 hour of watching it. As we were watching after our drinks, I got aroused. I told her lets put it off and go to sleep. She said that I should watch and learn something from there as I don’t have any girl friends. I told her I have seen and could do it much better than what I saw. She laughed and said “Not on me”. I said “no way”. As we put of the light and were discussing about sex, I became hot. She was telling me how to do it with girls so that they get the utmost pleasure. She was wearing her front open night up to the knees and I was on my boxers and half naked. She said that she was feeling sleepy because of the drinks and said that she wanted to sleep. I was massaging my cock and which she did not knew. After 5 minutes after a hard erection of mine I could not stay and put my hand on her boobs and started pressing them. Her nipples grew bigger and she woke up from her short nap. She said I can be doing this as it is not good. She only considers me very close and would like to keep all her secrets with me. I asked her then what should I do if I have got a hard on. She said that I should take a cloth and masturbate and remove it on the cloth. I obeyed her orders and started doing it and just spurted out. After 30 minutes she was fast asleep and I was awake. I again got an erection and started touching her boobs and this time she was fast asleep. May be she did not realize that I was caressing her breast as she was drunk. I was just enjoying and slowly reached down and to my surprise I see that she was naked. She was not wearing anything. I decided to take this opportunity and I pounced on her like a hungry lion and started kissing her and caressing her. It was raining heavily and lightning was continuous. She woke up startled and tried to push me. I told her please forgive me but help me to release it. She asked me what happened and I said that I got an erection again and was trying to relieve myself but was unable to do so. She said that she will help me to relieve it and asked me to suck her breast. I started to suck her breast and she was rubbing it with her hand. As she was doing it she moved down and started sucking it. She sucked till she was tired and said that she will do it tomorrow as she can’t do it anymore. I told her that I was aroused and I have to remove it tonight only. She was insisting for tomorrow and I should sleep and slowly my dick will come down. I refused. As she was telling me, I turned from my left hand side and hold both of her hands firmly on the bed and pushed my right leg in between her legs to spread them. She immediately murmured loudly what I am doing and what am I up to. I said that she should shut up and do not open her mouth as I need it this night. I managed to spread both of her legs and pinned her hands down and hold her neck in my mouth so that she will not shout. She wanted to talk but was not able to say anything as I hold her throat firmly in my jaw. After a bit of struggling I adjusted my cock and pushed it neatly inside as her pussy was already wet. As soon as my dick was inside I released her neck and started fucking her hard. She screamed “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is too much where were you all these years when I wanted you to mount on me.” I said I was scared that you will tell my parents. She said you are an asshole and doesn’t have guts to fuck me. Don’t you know I always wanted you. Fuck me like a wild hungry cat.’ I went on for almost 40 minutes and both of use cummed together. I fucked her for almost 4 times that night and teared her apart. 

Sex with Seema Teacher

Hi this is Murali. I m gonna explain my real life sexual experience with my teacher. This happened when I was in college. Her name is Seema who teaches me management .she is really a hot aunty, aged around 32 but she will look like 25 yr aged girl.i was her favorite student . I lived next to her house. We used to go in the same bus. She used to be very strict in college but in home she was like my friend. My college closes at 5 and we move from college to home by bus. She is a divorce. She lives alone with her child. She has a figure of 36-24-34………..i always had a crush on her but cant tel her abt it as I was a little scared….but I used to Shag daily thinking of her. I forgot to tell u one thing tht she was a low BP patient…..One evening when we r traveling in bus she fainted Because of low BP.i just tried to wake her up by sprinkling some water on her face. But she didn’t wake up so I lifted her in my arms and ran to a hospital in my college campus .when I was holding her in my hands .my fingers touched her soft boobs and her sexy butt and I was tensed and my prick got hard.but I realized the situation and I controlled myself and I admitted her in hospital. After that I came home thinkin of that incident I shagged like hell. After one week she came from hospital she thanked me for saving her. And she asked me to have dinner at her house. The next day was Saturday and I had to go to her house for dinner at nite!!my parents weren’t there and they wud return only by Sunday morning…I went to her home by 8 o clock .by that time she had prepared dinner and was waiting for me.i sat on the chair and she served me with all her home made delicacies..she poured soup in ma plate but by mistake she spilled some of it on ma pants.she tried to wipe it off by moving her hands all over ma pants. My dick started to get erect as her hands were movin over my penis..she could even feel my erection. I could see her cleavage as she bent down to wipe off the soup out of ma pants…my eyes were glued to her cleavage and I could see her pinkish nipples from below. She saw me starring at her cleavage ..i thought she might give a different look but she gave a different smile.i could make out from her smile that she was interested in me. I went closer to her and she came closer to me. I caught hold of her and kissed her red lips. My hands were moving over her ass and I could taste her sweet saliva in my mouth. I started kissing her neck and came lower down to her breast..she was wearing a coat . I unbuttoned her coat and slid my hands in her bra and I could feel two ripe juicy melons. By the time I was feeling her ripe melons she unzipped my pants and started touching my banana. She was really excited and she moved her hands inside my brief and grabbed my pole. She made some smooth moves on the tip of my cock and I became really excited and I got high. I unhooked her bra and massaged her boobs and I could feel her nipples getting harder.i pinched her nipples and teased her a little..she was really enjoying it and moaned. I pressed my mouth against her boobs and started sucking her pinkish nipples and she loved that too. We both moved to the sofa in her drawing room and she lay on the sofa topless .she whispered in my ears that she wanted my cock In her mouth. She unbuttoned my shirt and I was completely naked .she took my penis In her soft hands and started rubbing it . After rubbing it 4 -5 times she took it in her mouth and started sucking my hard dick. It gave me a feeling of being in heaven. She sucked my cock for 5 minutes .when I was about to cum I took my penis out of her mouth and controlled myself. I removed her pants and she was wearing a pink panty which was damn hot!!!i slid my fingers inside her panty and I could feel her shaved pussy in ma was wet and damn hot!!! I could feel her clitoris and and started rubbin it.she moaned in excitement and asked me to suck her pussy. I removed her panty and pressed my mouth against her pussy and started licking her wet pussy . I licked her clits and started sucking her vaginal fluids. And the smell of her fluids aroused me to lick her more and more!!!!!!!!!!! At this time her vaginal fluids squirted in my mouth.. She was enjoyin every moment of what was happening and even I was enjoyin it a lot.she said that she now wanted me inside her We shifted ourselves that She was lying with her legs spread open on the sofa from the front.I brought my penis nearer to her vagina and shoved it inside her pussy but it was difficult for me to shove my penis inside her pussy. After trying for a few times I finally shoved it in. she moaned in pain because after her divorce she never had a chance for sex and so she was enjoyin every moment of this !! I started movin my penis in and out of her pussy slowly and gradually gained speed .i started to give her sudden jerks and thuds which she was unable to bear and she screamed in pain and started shouting “OUCH OUCH FUCK ME HARDER !! FUCK ME HARDER MY BOY!!!” my hands were exploring her boobs and I started sucking her hard nipples . I wanted to fuck her in doggy style and she agreed to it. She changed her position and I removed my penis from her pussy and started spitting saliva on her wet pussy as it might help in lubrication.i licked the pussy one more time and inserted my penis inside her. We both had sex in this position for few minutes and then she wanted to get her ass fucked. I asked her the reason and she told me that her husband would never fuck her ass and she wanted me to fuck her ass. Her ass was tight as it hadn’t been fucked so she applied cream on her ass and little to my penis. She was very tight and I couldn’t enter her easily . But after 2-3 tries I managed to insert my penis inside her ass. It pained her a lot but she asked me to fuck harder . I could no longer control myself as she was tight and I ejaculated my hot semen deep inside her ass.. I removed my penis from her ass and she took it inside her mouth .she started licking the semen on the tip of my penis and thus she swallowed my pride. Suddenly her child started crying . Listening to her cries she went to her child and made her sleep and came back to me .we both were exhausted and laid on the sofa.. We went to the bed and smooched and slept for 2 hours hugging one another and our bodies completely naked. At around 11.30 I told her that I wanted to go home. She said that she never had such a sexual experience in her life. I went home with the memories fresh in my mind 

Breaking The Barrier

                                                                 Breaking The Barrier

Though this is the first time first time I am writing my experience here, however I just got the motivation to do so only because of you guys. So guys keep rocking with showers of more true stories. My name is Bhavan, from Chennai. I am 29 years old with perfect physical appearance, Hight 5'9", fair complexion. Well settled with a great job. I had lot of sex experience till now. But just two of them are my best encounter. The first one was two years ago. Her name was Vimla (obviously not the real name); she just completed her 1st year B.Sc exams and was on vacation that time. We had been going around for almost 1 year. Our relation was like NO TOUCHING relation. At the max I could just hold her hand or play with her hairs… that's it. She made it very clear at the beginning that we will not indulge in any such activity that may create problem. Though I just wanted to have a physical relation with her but many times I had to suppress my desire. She never gave any kind of sign so that I could proceed. I thought, maybe the age difference was the problem, but never told her this. She was 20 and I was 27…. A gap of 7 years between us. About her, Vimla was 5'7"… very fair… hair till her waist… nice round butt ( I always wanted to smash that ass but I had no idea how to express it to her)… the best part… she had lovely knocks (boobs) big enough to make one crazy… her dressing sense was too good…. What a contour she had… a perfect coke bottle figure…. Many times I had masturbated thinking of her. Don't be surprise if I tell you that when I had sex with other girls I used to think of Vimla with my eyes closed. Yeah that's right even when we were going around I had cheated her many times. Two years ago I was working in a middle management level and I just had the weekend which I preferred to spend with Vimla (unless I had a sure sex date with others). By nature Vimla was a lovely and simple girl. The only difference in us was that she wanted to spend her time with me in peace and calm area, preferable under the nature's beauty. But for me I preferred clubs disc etc…. But her wish was my command… That day when I met her (Saturday), we had a plan for a movie. I had booked for a noon show as she had to go back to her place by 7pm. The movie was at 2pm and we still had 3 hrs to spend. She was in her favourite Denim kurta and white salwar. She had left her hair almost open… guys she gave me a hard on and I had to pull out my shirt that was tucked in…. We spent lot of time sitting and chatting in the coffee shop near the theatre.. It was 1:45 pm and she demanded that we go to the hall… but how could I…. I still had the bulge down there… I asked her to leave as I need to go to the wash room… but will she leave without me… I had no other option but to suddenly rush towards the washroom… I adjusted my tool and then came out… she was still waiting. She was sitting on my left and the best thing was that we were in the last row…next to her was one more couple. I was holding her hand and the light faded. The movie started. But for me I had no intension to watch the movie. The light coming from the screen was bright enough for me to have a glance at the boobs again and again. I was not worried as for the next 3 hrs I could keep my bulge growing. But I had no intension to wait. I just kept my hand across her shoulder. She suddenly looked at me and gave a grin. I just smiled and she started watching the movie again. Though I pretended to watch the movie but my concentration was on her shoulder where my hand was now moving inch by inch towards her breast. Suddenly I felt the soft outer part of her boobs. Oh it was fantastic. Though I had squeezed many boobs till now but this was too much for me. She also felt my pressure on her boobs and just took my hand and threw it away. I had to take my hand back. She looked at me with grin on her face for some time and started watching movie. I thought anyhow I am going to get a lecture from her so why not try again. I kept my hand across her shoulder again. Touched her shoulder and this time she din't say anything. I slowly moved my hand towards her left boobs and in no time my whole palm was on her left boob. She looked at me but I couldn't see any grin this time. And then she started looking at the screen. Also she adjusted herself in such a way so that I could reach her boob easily. This was a green signal for me and I never wanted to miss out. I explored her entire left boob. The edges, the peak, the slope, down ways, cleavage… I just planted my victory flag all over that mount. I had no idea for how long I explored and squeezed her left boob. In the mid half of the movie the light was back again and I had to stop. She never looked at me, though I tried talking to her. But she never spoke. After 5 min I got up to get something to drink (the actual reason was that I needed sometime to adjust my bulge) I came back with Pepsi and gave her one. She just took the drink but never spoke. I just told her to get up and sit on my right. And she did. I just sat next to her and tried to talk but in vain. The movie started again. And now I kept my right hand across her shoulder and kept exploring her right boob now. It was mind blowing feeling for me. For the next 1 hrs I just kept pressing her boobs. Except for her no one had ever reached that peak. And today I was mountaineering there. The movie got over. We came to the parking to pick up my bike. She sat on my bike and I started riding. She never spoke anything all the while. It was almost 5pm and I kept asking her where should we go. But she dint even utter a single word. I stopped my bike and asked her for the reason for her silence… she never spoke and just kept sitting on the bike. I had no idea on what to do now. I asked her that if she was disturbed then its better I take her to my place and then leave her back home once she is relaxed. Again I just got her silence…that's it. I just started my bike and went to my apartment. She got down and straight went to my apartment. I had to park my bike and rush to open the door as the keys were with me. When I reached the door she was just waiting. I opened the door and she got in. I was worried for what's going to happen now. I closed the door and stood in front of her. Asked her the reason for her silence. She just hugged me and cried and kept asking me why?... I had no idea on what to reply. So I kept quite now. Once she was done with her cries I just took her to my bedroom and told her to lie down and relax. She just laid there and I sat with her head resting on my lap. She was holding my left hand in between both her hands. Then I realised that the hand she was holding was very close to her cleavage. I got a hard on thinking this. I just moved my hand in such a way that my hand was in her cleavage now. I started moving my thumb through her cleavage. Now she opened her eyes and looked at me. I just said "honey I love you and you don't have to feel unsecured with me. I am responsible for whatever happens now. You are my problem and at the same time you are my solution. So just try to be open with me and understand me". She had tears in her eyes and said "I always thought to have this after marriage but I love you so much that I can't even say no to you. But today I will not say anything to you. Do what you need to do". I was shocked! But I was not a holy man to leave this opportunity. I was about to get a virgin cunt today. Though I had many sex experiences but never with a virgin. Maybe that's why this is my favourite experience. She got up, and took her cell phone and called her home. Her mom picked up the call and she said that she met one of her old friend and she will spend some time with her, maybe will have dinner at her friends place and in case she is late she will call back and stay at her friends place. She just kept the phone and looked at me. I just went near her and hugged her. I lifted her and made her sit on the table next to my bed. I smooched her for nearly 15 min. she was new to smooch but still she was great. Meanwhile I unbuttoned her denim kurta and lifted the same. She helped me in removing her kurta. Now a fair body was in front of me. I kissed and gave her small bites every where. Her black bra was adding a right contraction to her complexion. I made her stand on the floor. She was feeling shy and wanted to cover her boobs with her hand but I held her hand. I left her hand and she tried covering her boobs. I then pulled the thread of her salwar and it went down as if a fruit fell from the tree. Wow! White fair body with black bra and panty… what a combination. And on top of it her open hair till her waist was adding the charm. She tried to cover her G spot with her left hand and with the right hand tried to cover both her boobs… I smiled as I knew it was not possible. I just removed my shirt completely and pealed off my jeans. She looked at my bulge in the boxers and her eyes went wide open. I just went near her and caught hold of both her hand. I made her hug me and lifted her and made her lie on the bed. She just looked at me and I could see drops of sweat on her forehead. I asked her if she was ok. She said yeah she is fine but is scared and worried for the pain that may cause her. I promised her that I will be gentle. I kissed her every where. Her neck…her earlobes… her eyes… she was breathing heavily…. But was turned on by now. Then I unhooked her bra and released her boobs. It was soooo soft that I cursed myself not to enjoy it earlier… I gave a tongue tickling on her right nipple and pressed it with my left hand very softly and with the other hand I tickled her left nipple. She was getting out of control. I sucked and squeezed her boobs to my fulfilment and then went down to her belly… she had a flat belly with a deep naval. She kept moaning but it just made me more excited. I slowly moved down and peeled her panty from her pussy. While removing her panty I kissed all the way till her feet.. It was a slow process. It took nearly 20 min for me to remove her panty completely. I slowly came back to her pussy and gave a kiss. She shivered for a while and pulled my hair trying to make my face away from her pussy. I just looked at her. Her eyes were closed and she was trying to cross her leg. I remover her hand from my hair and caught it tight on the bed. Forcefully I buried my face between her crossed legs and made my way to her pussy. Once there I planted a kiss at the opening. She shivered and this time moaned a little louder. This was the right time. She was totally wet. I believe she had already had come many time by now. I thought of inserting a finger and feel the warmth. But I never wanted to break her virginity with my finger at least. I started licking her cunt and increased my speed slowly. She tried to control her scream but was unsuccessful. She was moaning loud. I released her hand and she caught my head again. But this time she dint pulled me away but started burring my head in her pussy. More juices were flowing from her pussy. She was coming again and again. Even I lost count on how many times she came. After nearly half an hour I got up from her pussy and came up to her boobs and squeezed it again. I was making sure that she dint feels much pain as she was a virgin. I then made her hold my cock and give me stroke. She was not good in it but for me her soft palm was making the magic. She couldn't stroke my cock continuously as she was in totally different feeling. So I dint ask her much. I applied little Vaseline on my cock. I made her legs to go wide open as much as possible for her. She knew that its time up. She again told me to be gentle. I positioned my dick at the entrance of her virgin pussy…. She closed her eyes as she knew what's going to happen next. Her cunt was wet enough. I gave a little jerk and one third of my cock went straight in. she screamed with pain. It was too much for her… she tried pushing me away. But how could she. Slowly her scream settled down. I gave her a kiss on her forehead and relaxed her. I could see drops of tears rolling down. I smooched her and after a little while she started responding to my smooches. Just then I gave another jerk and more then ¾ cock went in. her eyes went wide open but she couldn't scream. Her mouth was locked with mine. She shouted and tried pushing me away. But it was just waste of energy. 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She wanted to continue the relationship even after her marriage but I told her not to do so. Today she is a mother of one. I am in touch with her through emails. Though we had sex 4 times after her marriage but I just don't want to have problem in her life so I keep my distance.